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Korey B’s Review:

If I See You Again Tomorrow

Categories: Queer | Reviews | Romance | Sci-fi | YA


Robbie Couch’s If I See You Again Tomorrow is a heartfelt and relatable story reflecting themes of social isolation and loneliness.

If I See You Again Tomorrow follows Clark, who’s been trapped in a time loop and has relived the same day 309 times. Then everything changes on Day 310 when he meets Beau, a boy he’s never seen. Joining Beau on a series of errands leads Clark to fall hard and fast for him, something he never expected to happen in just one day.

The story blends fantastical elements with exploring the human condition, taking readers on a journey of self-discovery through Clark’s eyes. Couch explores themes of social isolation, loneliness, and the need for connection through Clark’s repeated experiences of reliving the same day. Despite being trapped in the same day, Clark manages to develop deep relationships with the people around him, even when they forget him the next day.

Clark’s relationship with his therapist is at the heart of the story, which grounds the book’s premise in a sense of reality. Clark’s interactions with his therapist are thoughtfully written, adding depth and complexity to the novel. Clark and Beau’s romance is strange and satisfying, with an instant attraction that gradually develops. Clark’s personal growth is heartfelt and believable as he learns to be vulnerable, help others, and take the brave actions he fears.

Couch’s character development is top-notch. Even the side characters steal the show. Each character is well thought-out, and their development adds depth to the story. Clark’s emotional journey is relatable, especially for those who have experienced loneliness or the pain of parental divorce.

Clark’s emotional journey is also expertly crafted, with his experiences of loneliness and heartache feeling authentic and relatable. The story deals with themes that will resonate with many readers, particularly those who have experienced the pain of separation and loss.

If I See You Again Tomorrow is a poignant exploration of the complexities of human relationships, loneliness, and personal growth. Clark’s journey will resonate with readers of all ages, and the book is a testament to the power of connection and the importance of forging meaningful relationships in our lives.

This book contains descriptions and mentions of racism, transphobia, ableism, and violence.