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Korey B’s Review:

Idol Moves

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KT Salvo’s Idol Moves is a dazzling sequel with darker twists and a deeper love.

The second book in Salvo’s Idol Romance series, Idol Moves, makes another dive into the glamorous worlds of K-pop and Hollywood as K-pop idol Woo Tae Hyun and notorious American actor Jason Park’s passionate romance continues to evolve. Salvo portrays their relationship as beautifully human. It feels mostly perfect at first, featuring occasional quarrels and irritations addressed through open and honest communication.

While the story incorporates many classic romance and K-drama tropes, Salvo steers clear of the usual relationship pitfalls such as dishonesty, cheating, and miscommunication. Tae Hyun and Jason are undeniably handsome, talented, famous, and wealthy, but their motivations and reactions feel authentic, grounding the story in a world where their fame and fortune don’t obscure the real-life challenges they face.

Navigating a high-profile relationship means the couple encounters their initial difficulties from the conservative elements within society. These challenges highlight the authentic struggles that queer and trans individuals often face when in the public eye. The world’s watchful gaze can be both a blessing and a curse. But their problems don’t stop at societal conservatism as the story takes an unexpected turn into thriller territory while keeping the focus firmly on Tae Hyun and Jason’s compelling dynamic.

I appreciate Salvo’s attention to unflinching realism, not shying away from depicting trauma, homophobia, racism, and misogyny. While these characters may lead extraordinary lives, these harsh realities add depth and authenticity to their experiences. Salvo’s willingness to explore these darker themes makes for a much more meaningful and impactful story.

Salvo’s storytelling spotlights the complexities of a same-sex, high-profile relationship, offering a love story that is both passionate and grounded. With a thrilling narrative and thought-provoking themes, Idol Moves is a captivating sequel, emphasizing the enduring power of love, resilience, and strength in adversity.