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Korey B’s Review:

All These Sunken Souls: A Black Horror Anthology

Edited by Circe Moskowitz

Categories: Anthology | Horror | Queer | Reviews | YA


All These Sunken Souls: A Black Horror Anthology promises a delightful dive into the eerie and spine-tingling realms of horror.

This anthology breathes fresh life into well-worn tropes, delivering captivating narratives that will chill your bones. What sets it apart is the impressive lineup of authors who bring their unique voices to the world of YA horror, along with fresh talents destined to leave a lasting impression on your soul. If you’re a devoted horror lover, this is one anthology you can’t afford to miss.

As with most anthologies, personal preferences might lead you to enjoy certain stories more than others. It’s the beauty of the format. But the overall experience is enthralling, with tales that promise more than just the conventional jump-scares. The stories run the gamut from action-packed slashers to atmospheric Gothic tales. If you’re a horror newbie, this anthology offers a rich and diverse introduction to the genre that will leave you wanting more.

The heartbeat of humanity resonates within the chilling embrace of these stories. They transcend the boundaries of mere amusement by delving deep to unearth profound and, at times, heart-rending realities. This anthology is a powerful vessel, harnessing the horror genre to amplify awareness and confront the very tangible horrors of our world. The stories unflinchingly confront the trauma that weighs heavily on Black communities, revitalizing a genre that white voices have often dominated. And the inclusion of queer narratives in many of these stories is a welcome and thought-provoking addition, adding layers of depth and complexity to underscore that the genre is evolving to explore new dimensions. All These Sunken Souls impeccably weaves its tales of terror with a profound tapestry of social critique, securing its well-deserved status as an essential contribution to the horror genre.